How Many People Can Earth Support?

It is clear to all of us that the planet is not expanding. There is only so much space on Earth, not to mention only so many resources – food, water and energy – that can support a human population. So a growing human population must pose some kind of a threat to the wellbeing of planet Earth, mustn’t it? Not necessarily.  See BBC: How many people can our planet really support  Also See: World Watch – Why we must talk population

And that is by no means all there is to it. For instance sustainable population is affected by living standard  it is even affected by women being recognized as movers and shakers in society. Expect more to come

Canada – Trade

Cosmos, what a complex subject for a simple blog. Canada is where this blog originates so I write about Canadian Trade, a subject I find equally complex. Never mind. Here goes.

Whenever they hear of them most Canadians say “Tear down the barriers to internal trade. We want no charges”. Know what? the original Canadian constitution AGREES! See: Canada, Provincial Trade Barriers.

Canada – Organized Crime

In 2013 there were 672 organized crime groups reported in Canada, many of them concentrated in major metropolitan areas for reasons of anonymity and ease of access to markets and ports. Organized crime poses a serious long-term threat to Canada’s institutions, society, economy, and to individual quality of life.

See Government Backgrounder

Global Warming – Trends

“We’re in a long-term warming trend,” Gavin Schmidt of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies said at a news conference on Thursday. “The planet is warming remarkably uniformly.”

“There is year-to-year variability, but the long-term trends are clear,” Deke Arndt, chief of the global monitoring branch of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, said.

And the Arctic is feeling the heat. Arndt noted that the region is warming “much faster than the global average.”

Over the past century, Earth’s global temperature has risen by more than 1 C, largely due to an increase of carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions, NASA said in its report.

“Basically all of the warming in the last 60 years is attributable to human activities, and carbon emissions is the No. 1 component of that,” Schmidt said.

While El Nino and La Nina can play a role in global temperatures, they contribute to short-term changes in global temperatures, as was evident in both 2015 and 2016. El Nino causes a rise in global temperatures, while La Nina tends to cause some cooling.

There was no El Nino in 2017, but La Nina began at the end of the year. NASA noted that an analysis which removed both patterns concluded that 2017 would have been the warmest year on record.

“It’s the long-term trend that’s pushing these numbers up,” Schmidt said.

Theoretical Physics at Perimeter

Said better than me so take a look at the Perimeter Institute statement……

Albert Einstein once said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” A vital part of the mission of the Perimeter Institute is to respond to and feed this natural human curiosity about the nature of our universe. Perimeter’s Outreach department is committed to sharing the power, joy, and mystery of science with everyone. We aim to make theoretical physics and science research accessible and understandable to a general audience. Our public lecture series continues to be extraordinarily popular. We also offer inspiring interactive scientific, musical, and cultural events as well as online resources.

It is at Waterloo Ontario a little West of here and was financed with funds from Lazarus & Ballsillie of Blackberry fame. The Outreach there is fine for laymen. No need to be adept with math.