Canada – Trade

Cosmos, what a complex subject for a simple blog. Canada is where this blog originates so I write about Canadian Trade, a subject I find equally complex. Never mind. Here goes.

Whenever they hear of them most Canadians say “Tear down the barriers to internal trade. We want no charges”. Know what? the original Canadian constitution AGREES! See: Canada, Provincial Trade Barriers.

Canada – Organized Crime

In 2013 there were 672 organized crime groups reported in Canada, many of them concentrated in major metropolitan areas for reasons of anonymity and ease of access to markets and ports. Organized crime poses a serious long-term threat to Canada’s institutions, society, economy, and to individual quality of life.

See Government Backgrounder

Arctic North America

Most Canadians are in 2017 snuggled in southern Canada close to the US border. In much of the time since Canada was formed in 1867 Northern Canada has been a cold desolate place occupied by a few aboriginals. Global warming is changing much of that. The frequently written about North West Passage has been unavailable for year round commercial use but may well become available  in the near future. Suddenly the Canadian North is receiving the attention of southern living Canadians in general not just Canadian far sighted thinkers.

For Canadian citizens Arctic America includes an important part of future life that I will be posting about and providing links to other sites that deal with this subject.